Why geothermal energy?

Geothermal energy - heat and cold from the earth

The heat source selection

The current guidelines of the ENEV write client in the private and commercial and public use of renewable energy and increased energy efficiency before. This includes not only be expended for the building heating energy amounts to weight, but also the need for cooling auxiliary energy. The latter weigh increasingly difficult with increasing insulation standard of modern residential and industrial buildings. In a nutshell it is in rotting buildings today energetically costly a building to cool than to heat in winter in summer. Correspondingly, in the latter area, the larger potentials with respect to reducing operating costs.

The heat source provides in both cases our earth. With the development of the heat source ground in the form of several individual wells with borehole heat between 50 and 150m depth can be extracted geothermal energy and lift a heat pump at a useful for heating the building. In the opposite direction takes heat to be removed - so cool buildings. It flows to the ground via the built-in bore geothermal probe to.

Energy efficiency = cost efficiency

In so doing, a geothermal heat pump in heating mode bound only 20% to 25% of the required heating energy in the form of electrical energy. The rest provides free soil. However usually fall for the cooling of buildings on concrete core activation or cooling ceilings less than 10% of the energy consumption of an electrically powered compression refrigeration machine. The corresponding consumption costs behave in the same relation to each negotiated price of electricity per kWh.

Depending on the weighting of heat to cold were anticipated investment costs of about 1.000, - to 1.300, - € per kW installed heating power. The heat source of the actual heating and cooling equipment is to be considered separately in terms of their life. While modern plant technology in the heating and cooling sector generally has a lifespan of 15 to 20 years, is at the geothermal energy bore or with a probe field is a erdberührtes building with a significantly higher value determined life expectancy. Here are comparable cable and duct networks, which are recognized in the local environment with 20 to 50 years amortization period.


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