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"Save and create new jobs by innovation"

This objective of the ASK Group was set in 1860 with the founding of the ASK by fountain architect Christian Weiß into action .

He built the first central water supply of the city of Kulmbach. End of the 19th century for its time highly innovative technology was introduced to the central heating systems. The central low pressure hot water heating of Kulmbach's town hall was one of the first pioneer projects of this kind .  

The in 1924 by the ASK inferred headwaters in Marktschorgast provides Kulmbach up to now first class drinking water.

Since the beginning, ASK has always managed to combine the building trade with most modern technic. The most important resoureces were and are our dedicated employees.

The ASK August Schneider GmbH & Co. KG holds the DVGW certificates G1 and W1 and has received the pre-qualification (PQ). She specializes in the fields of gas, water and sewer line construction as well as in the district .


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